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First Build ('72 CL175) Questions

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I just picked up a '72 Honda CL175 for a AHRMA racer and am looking for any guidance/resources to provide some step-by-step directions on what to do and not do for the build. Also looking for good sources for parts. Any information provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Get a good pair of safety wire pliers. I use inexpensive ones from Harbor Freight and they sometimes cause frustration.

Along the same lines, I found it much easier to drill a bolt end for safety wire or a clip by taking a nut and drilling a hole in it on a flat, through to the middle, then thread it onto the bolt and use the drilled hole as a "jig" to drill the bolt. Without the jig the drill bit wanders all over before it bits into the bolt. While we are talking about safety wire, tighten the bolts and nuts you are wiring, then mark them where to drill. Remove, drill and replace. I try to drill a few extra nuts to have on hand at the track, just in case.

Be careful drilling the valve adjustment covers on the heads. I have drilled too far in. It is amazing how much oil will leak out of a teeny tiny tiny hole in one of those.......

Also I would not go cutting all the tabs off the frame willy nilly until you have a real good idea on how you want to mount things like exhaust, overflow bottle, rearsets, catch pan, number plates etc. You may need them.
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