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Flann O'Brien's

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Any of you MA folk familiar with this place?
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i used to live almost right across the street from flan obrien's, more up across from the post office/high rise apartments. this was about 4 years ago now, but at the time, it was a great little irish pub, owned by actual irishmen that you could go to relax and have a pint and some GREAT food for lunch or dinner. and then at night have it pick up a bit and have a few too many pints and and have a good time with friends.

you're right though, it definately is in not the greatest neighborhood. years ago it was really a ghetto, but has been on the way up over the past few years. nowadays it's becoming more of a college kids area and gentrification is in full effect. =\

if you're ever in the area again, if you walk down the side street that flan's is on, you'll come across another excellent little irish pub called the squealing pig. another great irish-owned (i stress this because too many "irish" bars in boston are no longer irish owned, they just cash in on the boston/irish stereotype) with EXCELLENT food and great entertainment (check out thursday nights if you can).
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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