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Yo B,

Drum brake Guru - what are your thoughts on the drum brakes that came stock on the CL and CJ 360 twins in the 70s. These were the last of the small drum brake hondas and I was wondering if they were better than the 350 drums or if I am better off swapping them out for something better? What are the strengths and weaknesses.

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Gotta admit I've never had one apart...externally they look about the same as the CB350 to me.
I bet some of the 350 racers here might have used one. Typically it would be Hondas way to continue to use the same drum as used on the CB350. If it is the same....then you can use off the shelf Ferodo shoes in it. Downside's a CB350 brake. Not horrible...but they did away with the steel cam bores and in general just lowered the level of precision compared to the earlier 305/450/160 brakes.
Properly setup...with decent aftermarket would work on the street ok.
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