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Hey guys! I'm selling my 76 Honda CB550F. It only needs new paint and decals on the tank and side covers to be really nice. The tank has never been creamed on the inside and has no dents or dings that I know of. It still has the original seat on it that is in excellent condition. I have put new Avon tires on it about 1000 miles ago. It has an after market 4-1 Mac exhaust. The original electric starter button doesn't work but this bike has such low miles that it usually starts after a few kicks in the cold after sitting all winter. It has all new jets and o-rings for the carbs but she seems to run a little lean at least in one of the cylinders. I am asking $1000. This bike is located in Limington Maine which is about 30 minutes north of Portland Maine. Please let me know if you are interested or have any further questions.

[email protected]

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please move immediately to philadelphia, so i wouldn't have any reasons not to buy your bike. that's real nice!


offer the guy $50.00 extra if he throws in the trampoline. i likes to jump!

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