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for sale cb550k front end cb450 cb500 cb750 sohc

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right then, besides the typical upper rust zones it was just light "surface rust" which is just a con in my opinion i dont think there is such a thing as surface rust it comes from the metal, its not overspray ffs
but it werent bad i scuffed it mostly gone applied some rattle can self etching primer
i have bought plenty of forks with bad rust inside looking fine outside
so i at the minimum have a reall good look inside
these hear have been apart completelty cleaned and resealed with fresh lips sweet legs here none better Auto part Motor vehicle Engine Vehicle Carburetor
Pipe Metal Titanium Steel Auto part
Pipe Cylinder Steel Metal Steel casing pipe
Gun Firearm Auto part Air gun Airsoft gun

all they need is fluid for dampnessing
these are about as good as you could ever find used that is
buy all or part and the wheel clapper rotor clocks etc are available
190 +the ride for all in these pics the signals are very nice, ears very good
just the legs ? 135+ the ride make up your mind
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While you are totally correct that rust can appear throughout a piece of metal (particularly if that metal contains recycled materials) Rust is the process of Iron oxidation so rust will always happen first where the environment is right for it. And yes; surface rust is deadly to a surface that needs to be free of rust such as on a hydraulic cylinder.

best luck selling yer old bike bits.
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