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Fork me? Fork you! you motherForking forkbag

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I gots me some Fork questions....

the set-up I'm running seems to have good compression but the rebound is SLOW. So i added some spacers for preload with very little result.

Anyone want to share their fork set-up techniques?

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Give us some details.
Fork type, oil weight, new oil? old oil? disassembled and cleaned? etc.
Yep you just add spacers of various lengths above the springs under the top caps. Just has an old timer give me a hint...use valve springs of various types to "soften" the effect of spacers and make them somewhat tunable. But heck if you have 35mm forks...just get some real progressive modern springs.

My guess as to Rosko's fork question would be about the same as yours. Although if they haven't been disassembled and cleaned there could be some dirt clogging holes that is slowing the rebound.
Same forks I have, I run 20wt in them. I did run 1" spacers but just took them out as it was a bit too stiff.
It would be hard to diagnose without trying them out. Usually slow rebound is not an issue unless the forks are packing down on you in a race....meaning they progressively lose travel because they don't have time to rebound between compressions. It's an easy thing to come into t3 hard on the brakes in bumps and you crash because the forks are bottomed out and you have no suspension.

How slow is slow? I mean can you sit there and watch them slowly extend back to full length? Or does it just "seem" slow. Keep in mind when you are compressing the forks while sitting on the bike you've got the weight of the bike and you pressing down...on rebound you just have the springs to bring them back up again. When you are just sitting on the bike pushing down on the forks rebound will always seem about twice as slow as compression.

Usually it's better to diagnose a suspected suspension problem by looking for a problem on the track, it behaves a lot differently in motion.
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Oil in one side is really no big deal. Marzocchis (sp) as supplied stock on early 90's Ducs like the 907ie only had dampening on one side.
That type of rigidity....short of a mechanical almost always caused by way too much fork oil. It won't compress well...or at all. Doesn't take but a few ounces too much to do it.
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