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Fork me? Fork you! you motherForking forkbag

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I gots me some Fork questions....

the set-up I'm running seems to have good compression but the rebound is SLOW. So i added some spacers for preload with very little result.

Anyone want to share their fork set-up techniques?

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I've run those same forks with 20wt and couldn't get enough rebound damping-had to weld the damper rod holes shut a little to help. I don't think its a weight issue. I'd pull the lower legs off and make sure the holes are all clear and that the aluminum cone thingy in the bottom isn't f-d.

If I read your earlier post, it says you went with 10W because when you put 20W in your same street bike, it pogoed all over the place? If my street bike pogoes with 20w, going lighter is the opposite way of where I would go.

Try 20W50...
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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