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Fork me? Fork you! you motherForking forkbag

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I gots me some Fork questions....

the set-up I'm running seems to have good compression but the rebound is SLOW. So i added some spacers for preload with very little result.

Anyone want to share their fork set-up techniques?

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shut up.

"the fork AT ALL was that it came back slowly out of the bowl..."

i'm afraid i'm more like FR, i don't think i'm digesting that kind of subtle feedback when i'm out there on the track. mine's more of an overall better or worse impression after a change. like, "wow, my bike gave me an overall worse impression when i ran the FCB race on one cylinder". and keep in mind, as soon as you're done braking/slowing for the bowl, you're turned in hard on the banking so the front may not act quite like it would otherwise.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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