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Fork Rebuild - CB400T

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A friend of mine recently purchased an 82 400t Hawk - which I'll be doing most of the work on while converting it to a 'sort of' cafe bike (more of a race/street bike look - the Hawk's aren't really much for cafe bikes). It was a good deal and is his first bike.

The P.O. swapped out the front end from an older model because the forks from the newer bike needed to be rebuilt.
The problem is - the new bike had comstars and a disc brake - that I want, while the older front end (currently installed) has a drum brake (that is not safe at all) and spokes.

SO My problem now, is that I need to completely rebuild the forks from the newer setup... And I have never done it.
I have the springs, lowers and uppers... possibly some more stuff but I just don't know what to look for.

P.S. I have an extra set of carbs (Honda CB400T) if someone wants to trade for some good forks with the disc brake mounts.... Also 2 extra side covers from a 400T Hawk.

P.S.S. The guy is throwing a CB450 in the trash on tuesday... I want it bad (to turn in to a street tracker like eurodave on He said I could take it but I have no room. I'm gonna regret this.

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I haven't done those specific forks, but I've rebuilt several '70s and '80s damper rod type forks, and they're really not too hard. There's usually an allen head bolt recessed in the slider above the axle mount. The easiest way to remove them is with an impact wrench, being absolutly sure you have the correct size socket, and that the socket is fully engaged in the bolt, because if you strip that head, you're done. Also, you should have the fork in the triple clamp to loosen the top nut, otherwise you'll look like a monkey f***ing a football trying to loosen it.
The rest is easy.

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