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Forking crazy

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hey JD on your bike and I have seen it on a few other kick ass bikes.
Your forks are above the tree.Did you fit a brand that has more travel or is it the stock forks and you lowered the front end .Im not up to speed with this activity of forking around.So please enlighten this fork-hopper.
And stop forking around all of you!
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can't speak to JD's bike but it is a common practice to lower the bike by sliding the forks up further in the tree. Personally I do this too when I am mounting clipons and I want to keep the stock headlight fork ears. most modern sprot bikes do this now a days to mount their clipons so I imagine is it pretty safe, well as safe as loweing the bike and changing the geometry on your bike can be.

Edit: there goes branson, getting the holeshot again...

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I have some articles on rake and trail from the chopper world, and there is a book on motorcycle perfromance sispensions and frame design out there.

IMHO, don't fuck with jap bike neck angles unless you are willing to redesign the entire frame. From my expirence with honda choppers, bad things happen when you second guess the little japanese engineers that designed these frames. Jap bikes of the 1970s are for the most part the best handleing street bikes of the 70's. you want to get them to handle better, make them lighter and move the rider down in the frame a little, but adjusting the rake and trail will cause the frames to flex in ways they weren't intended - these frames were designed at a time when the general concensus in motorcycling is that a bike frame needed a little flex to be truely good handeling and so all the bikes have a natural flex, distrubing that can cause cracks, breakages, and overtime frame failure.

ever see a hacked stock honda frame from the 70's chopper craze? you could spend all day counting the frame cracks and those bikes are not ridden as hard as a cafe racer.

edit: realized I contradicted myself through unclear wording: sliding the forks up through the trees is ok because even though it changes rake the changes are not radical and the trail changes appropriatley to compensate. When you start to think about cuttin the neck off and rewelding on to the frame at a completely different angle (like say from 30 degrees to 25 degrees) that is where you run into trouble.

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TOny Foale, that is who wrote the book I couldn't remember:

he designed some really cool racing frames in the 1970s. Huge spine tubes that doubled as oil tanks to save weight...great stuff:

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