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Forking crazy

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hey JD on your bike and I have seen it on a few other kick ass bikes.
Your forks are above the tree.Did you fit a brand that has more travel or is it the stock forks and you lowered the front end .Im not up to speed with this activity of forking around.So please enlighten this fork-hopper.
And stop forking around all of you!
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thats good to know just looking at the cb 450 the angle looks like a longer reach to me.Just eyeballing it the angle looks more like a touring bike and I was thinking about that and how to change it .I even thought of cutting the frame to change angle(in my mind )but then I noticed my other bikes have different fork widths and tree configurations and decided it wasnt as simple as just changing the angle.And decided Id have to buy some bike chassis/frame books to investigate deeper into it. But on my building theory "if it looks wrong" "It probably is" the angle of the cb 450 looks alittle bit off from a quick steering bike.
I hear you JohnnyB any books you found good on this subject.Id like to be more informed ...Id hate to start another library thru trial and error....i mean some books are usful some are all fluff and pictures, anyone have good bike technical books they keep on top of their other books let me know.
besides reading puts me to sleep so I wont be up all night like Johnnyb.
Thanks again George
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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