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Forking crazy

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hey JD on your bike and I have seen it on a few other kick ass bikes.
Your forks are above the tree.Did you fit a brand that has more travel or is it the stock forks and you lowered the front end .Im not up to speed with this activity of forking around.So please enlighten this fork-hopper.
And stop forking around all of you!
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sorry bull, didn't see this topic. johnnyb is on the money as usual with the tech bit. my racebikes too have longer forks. unfortunately in my case the 550 originally was a semi-chopped baby blue caferacer in disguise with hard bags, sissy bar, engine guards and giant windshield. after the first conversion to mostly stock we never noticed that it sat different than other 550's until sitting them side by side. I've never measured them but I'm pretty sure the forks are longer than stock. So now the bike is just below stock ride height and I have all that fork above the tree. I have picked up stock forks before but they always end up on somebody's racebike before they get on the 550.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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