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Forks for CB350

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I have been reading in the background here for a while. I see people saying to put a 750 front end on the CB350 twin to improve handling. My question is will I also would like to know if my stock rim tire brake setup will still work. I have the 73 with the disc up front. Thanks for tips. I am going through the bike this winter and checking everything out and improving where I can affordably.

1973 CB350G or K5
1983 GPZ750
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Hey I have the stock cb350 fork on my bike. The decorative chrome covers on the top parts of the legs were all rusted and it made my bike look like a piece. one bracket was bent making my turn signal all crooked and ghetto and the other one was getting in the way of my brake lever on my new clubman bar. So in a creative fit of rage I tore them off, now I need to mount my headlight back on...
I am about to go to home depot for some inspiration...
got any better ideas? I have a welder and all that jazz so I can easily make something, I just dont know how to do it so it's solid and not totally ghetto
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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