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Forks for CB350

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I have been reading in the background here for a while. I see people saying to put a 750 front end on the CB350 twin to improve handling. My question is will I also would like to know if my stock rim tire brake setup will still work. I have the 73 with the disc up front. Thanks for tips. I am going through the bike this winter and checking everything out and improving where I can affordably.

1973 CB350G or K5
1983 GPZ750
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If you're still looking for aftermarket headlamp ears (or want a far better quality version than discussed), check out the ones offered at this website:

Look under the "Lights" section, and scroll down past the first 2 or 3 items and you'll see them listed as "headlight brackets".

They're a bit spendy -- but very high quality and super trick!

I did the same thing you did to your 350 (tear all the bunged-up stock bodywork off the front end) on a '69 CB175 I had some years back. These ears worked perfectly, and really looked the business. As I recall, I had to shim them out with some inner tube rubber on the skinny 175 forks.
And since they are cast aluminum -- no Rustoleum needed! ;>)
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