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Forks for CB350

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I have been reading in the background here for a while. I see people saying to put a 750 front end on the CB350 twin to improve handling. My question is will I also would like to know if my stock rim tire brake setup will still work. I have the 73 with the disc up front. Thanks for tips. I am going through the bike this winter and checking everything out and improving where I can affordably.

1973 CB350G or K5
1983 GPZ750
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those should work. although i dont know how well with an original disk. you'll have to get them to see. the carriers mught need some work. go with the 750 brake. some of the later ones were dual diskers. they ahve a bigger disk, and bigger pads, so they work really nicely. you might have to drop the tubes in the trees a bit too. but they should work good. not a bad price where it sits now either.

headlight brackets from jc whitney. 12 bucks. shiney chrome. also great for number plates.

my 2 pennies, i said pennies.

thems the ones. dennis kirk has em too. (i actually meant dennis kirk when i posted that, those cheap places confuse me!!) buy a few sets. they rust really easy. that way you'll have them when they look like crap and you can just change em when youre ready. shitty chrome.

since aarons not talking to me, is that my brake on there??? damned, that looks good! is that really aarons bike??

yeah, youre filthy turd box is pretty clean. dude, you should see my shop. i cant wait to start filling it with motorcycles. which will happen this week! im thinking about getting one of franks lifts.


1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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