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Forks: To Brace Or Not To Brace?

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I've had a fork brace on my Commando (and on the Boxer) for years now,
but recently received advice from a reputable suspension guy to toss

He cited not the added weight but the increased suspension binding
it induces under load, regardless of how well aligned/adjusted it
is initially. Better to have the tire on the road and sacrifice at
most a wee bit of additional rigidity than the other way around.

What's the collective wisdom around these parts?
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I am afraid that I just don't agree with your reputable suspension guy at all. If you have the forks all aligned prior to bolting on the fork brace it can't have any negative effect on the suspension. If the fork is llowed to twist it will put all kinds of funny uncontrolled loads on the fork. Only when you get into really big rigid forks you might not notice the benefits of a fork brace as much on the street. I say do a real careful assembly of the fork and you will notice the benefits. If I was really anal about it I would probably dry assemble the front end without springs in it and check the suspension travel by hand through the full stroke of the suspension and then make any adjustments as needed. I have never done that but it might be an interesting experiment.

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