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start new thread because I hate thread drift.

Front end feel quite light and quick...even though it's got this honking big 35mm front end on it...wish I knew where it came from. The alloy trees and gremica must also be lighter than they look.
Honda GL1000 has what 35mm forks? And you can still get Gold Valve emulators for them... Gotta get the early model forks, though.

I've heard that Yamaha XS650 forks are 35mm and pretty good. Again, the early ones.

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I've sent a few picks of these forks around...nobody seems to know what they are. The bike has a really nice set of modern bike aftermarket alloy a $400 set it looks like, Ti hardware an all that.
Course now that I think about it I think I had about 50psi in the front tire...I do that when I mount them to seat the bead and leave it in for a few days to form the tire to the rim nicely...that would make the front end feel kind of quick :)
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