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well i found another problem while trying to start the bike today which may have been the original problem! and the main cause for my bike spewing fuel everywhere and bogging down on the 86 GSX250.

after reassembling the carbs and fuel lines, checking petcocks and checking everything else, i noticed trying to start it, that the right hand exhaust is dead cold, and the left hand is warm to hot after kicking over for a bit.

so ill be finding a socket that fits these plugs, pulling them out, getting new leads since these look a bit old and looseish too. ill also get my dad to help me test the coils and stuff...

would this have been a big pointer to the issues or do you still think its my carbies that are stuffed?

No matter how old they get, guys don't understand when to take their bikes to the shop, even after 3 stripped oil plugs and a completely missing set of engine mounts.
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