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hey, whos going to franks party this weekend??
i know you are tex.

hey aaron, i moved it over here.....i thought it might be vintage racing material, but then decided to move it. i dont know what i was thinking.

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joe, the only way i'm going to "frank's" is if that pussy aaron isn't coming! what a grumpy bastard.

(i guess he didn't know that this year's christmas party the cb175 is the featured machine)

great, now johnny b will probably show too. i gotta learn to keep my thoughts to myself. oh great, i just thought that too! i wonder if anyone realizes that i have no pants on.

exactly! i'm a bit concerned with joe c. and the sort of "pictures" he likes to take. joe, you did erase those images, right?

cool to see you all.

aaron, i wasn't humping you! that's just the way i'm accustomed to greeting "friends." plus your gonna make zach jealous.

1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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