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hey, whos going to franks party this weekend??
i know you are tex.

hey aaron, i moved it over here.....i thought it might be vintage racing material, but then decided to move it. i dont know what i was thinking.

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Joe I don't care about most stuff or where it goes but if someones trying to make an effort to discuss some applicable race bikes stuff, thats when I care. Especially when its a bike I race and especially when theres good info. Technically I would say a party that the common theme of most of the people would that they race, would indeed be something to put on the racing thread, but I don't care about that or stuff of that nature. I am just going to delete threads that hinder me from getting good info. Does that make sense?

Its not my board, I just still have power.

I'm not sure if I am or not. Kerrys kind of mean and always gives me dirty looks so I haven't decided yet plus I'm not sure if they wanted it mentioned here or not so you'll have to take the rap for that. I don't know yet but I'll know in a day or so.

Hey Tony Hawk and I eat Paste,
I got an invite, I just didn't know if they were going to broadcast it on the net. Did they put it on the USCRA forum? I didn't want people that didn't get invited to feel left out. Kerrys already emailed me since my post and also has big news about engagement plans.

Zack, you never answering email person, how are you getting there?

I gonna email you my phone number so hopefully you'll check you mail. I'm gonna ask my old lady what the plan is and let you know when you call.

joe, the only way i'm going to "frank's" is if that pussy aaron isn't coming! what a grumpy bastard.

(i guess he didn't know that this year's christmas party the cb175 is the featured machine)

great, now johnny b will probably show too. i gotta learn to keep my thoughts to myself. oh great, i just thought that too! i wonder if anyone realizes that i have no pants on.

I don't even know what you look like with pants on.
What a great time, cool to see the WERA guys. I walked through the door and saw Bucky and then later Tex tried to hump me. Which is always a good time.

It was good seeing you even though I didn't get a chance to talk to you much. It was pretty funny that everytime I thought I was going finish a beer at my own pace, you'd come out of no where with another.

It was great riding down with you, sorry we went a few hours out of the way. I think I dropped some time off my laps just from your info dude. Looking forward to bringing up the back of the 125's.

I was going to bring that up, but I decided I didn't want to be a part of that. I did hoever feel towards the end of the night I was going to pee my pants caues I was afraid to go out doors.

1 - 8 of 32 Posts
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