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Whoever is interested in some cb350 parts and is willing to come up to my storage space to pick it up - it's yours. I'm still sorting out the shit but will have a more concrete info..

electrics, body parts, lights, whole bunch of crap. Just needed out of the space asap. If interested let me know. It's FREE!

I also have a air compressor for sale. $200 bucks firm.
I would be liar if I said I used it more than a total of 24hrs. The shit is practically new but I need the space and dont have the power to run it from where I'm at currently. I'm also willing to add some air tools in for an extra $50 bucks, seriously a bargain!

If interested in any of these email me off line using my profile. I'm located in NYC, the parts are in Da Bronx off Fordham rd.

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