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Fresh Paint Job

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Here are some pics of the take-it-or-leave-it paintjob.

1-UP seat:

2-UP seat:

Front / Side view:

I love it personally... Of course I'm a little biased considering the hours and dollars I've put into it.

As far as the decals go, I got 2 of the cafe racer decals from Carpy (side panels) the Rockers decal straight from the Ace Cafe (back of the 2-up seat) and the emblems on the tank I had cut out of vinyl here locally (as well as the checker stripes), so it all means something to me. For the checkers I tried to mimic the new thruxtons, needed something to break up all the black (It was either that or a triple stripe).

Like I've said before, this isn't a racebike... But it's not a showbike either, just the way I wanted it to look (other mods include uni filter, 4-into-1, reverse megaphone muffler... a good carb tuning to come in the next couple weeks).

Comments Welcome.

Hey By'
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Crash bars on old jap bikes are pretty much a necessity. Most inline 4 jap motors stick out past the frame and the crankcase end is usually the first thing to smack the ground and ruin the bike. I have seen really nice cb750s sent to the yards forever because there was a low speed laydown that shifted the crank or cracked the cases.

When I had my accident in 2004, the crash bar bent back into the points cover and crushed it. The bike started right up however and was still rideable (even with the tewaked front end) and that was a 65mph accident. A friend dropped his cb750 off the stand onto a curb and cracked the cases, we stripped that fucker clean because he caught points plate and it shifted the crank also, turned a good running bike into a rolling chassis real fast.

I like it. I see a lot of checkered bikes on the internet, but people don't ride on the internet so goo on you to go with what you like.
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1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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