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Fresh Paint Job

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Here are some pics of the take-it-or-leave-it paintjob.

1-UP seat:

2-UP seat:

Front / Side view:

I love it personally... Of course I'm a little biased considering the hours and dollars I've put into it.

As far as the decals go, I got 2 of the cafe racer decals from Carpy (side panels) the Rockers decal straight from the Ace Cafe (back of the 2-up seat) and the emblems on the tank I had cut out of vinyl here locally (as well as the checker stripes), so it all means something to me. For the checkers I tried to mimic the new thruxtons, needed something to break up all the black (It was either that or a triple stripe).

Like I've said before, this isn't a racebike... But it's not a showbike either, just the way I wanted it to look (other mods include uni filter, 4-into-1, reverse megaphone muffler... a good carb tuning to come in the next couple weeks).

Comments Welcome.

Hey By'
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Thanks for the compliments! I was expecting a mixed review (I mean I DO have clubmans on there, hah).

You got it LiLBull, I made 2 seats for the bike... Not so much "Family Man" as "man who can still say yes when a young lady asks for a ride."

I hear you on the checkers. That's what I was waiting for a backlash on. I won't be going out and buying checkered shirts, jackets, or helmet, I dont want to be camouflage on my bike.

As soon as I get the upholstry stapled on to the seat I'll take the bike out somewhere scenic and snap a couple pics for the Members Bikes Page.


Hey By'
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the checkers are cool - give us a better pic of the two-up seat! I want to build one for my own project and am looking for inspiration.
Thanks again.

Here is another pic of the 2-up seat:

All I did was remove the rear fender, bend up a taillight / licence plate holder that attaches to the bottom of the stock seat pan, and put it back on the stick hinges.

Here is a pic of the fender eliminator:

Hey By'
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Im partial to the solo seat it looks best on that bike lightens the look up a hell of alot.No the bike looks great I would have broken up the check by astripe (three stripes) white/ black/next to a very thin pinstripe of white (so you see the black stripe), on the front fender as just staying in the theme ,hey its your bike GREAT JOB!

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
Definately. The 2-UP seat is solely for giving rides. It will never be on there while riding alone.

I was planning all along to do some very thin pinstripes along side the checkers, and some surrounding the non-indented part of the tank.

I like the way it looks now, and I'm afraid to make it look too busy, but I may photoshop it. If it looks good I'd want it to be done by hand, so I'd have to find a pro.

Hey By'
im gonna have to pass on the checkers.....yeah the bike is cool... but the checkerboard thing is a little tired at this point.... maybe some checkerboard of a different color would be cool... red and black or green and yellow.... but the black and white? long as you keep the solo seat on there....maybe a smaller headlight bucket...and um are those like mini crash bars on there in the front down by the headers? k gotta go..........
That's what i was expecting to hear, no suprises.
The reason I went with the checkers is that I like it, AND where I live there aren't a whole lot (any that I've seen) of people doing this. So it's not like I'm gonna pull up to the coffee shop and see 10 black bikes with white checkers.

I also love the huge headlight. It's an 8" stocker for my seca, and I think it looks great.

As for the (stock) crash bars... Yeah, you're completely right. I'm just afraid I'll lay the bike down around a corner (there's a bit of an issue with gravel/salt on the roads here) and I don't want to have to replace the motor... Maybe after I scrub in my new tires.

Thanks for the comments.

Hey By'
dont get me wrong its a cool bike... besides who gives a shit what i think, its not my who cares....but yeah its cool.......just seriously ditch the double seat...that IS gay, and i dont care what hot chick you have on the back.... its still GAY. oh and checkers or not, the paint job is really nice....
Like I said, the 2-up seat just sits in my garage until I decide to give someone a ride.
About the paintjob, thanks, I sprayed it in my heated shed... wasn't easy but I think it came out ok. There's a little orange peel and a little dust in places, but I should be able to buff it out (If I can't I'll wet sand it and then buff).

quote:to use clubmans, you MUST run them underneath the triple tree, with the clamps under the tree instead of on top....then, you wont be a homosexual.....
I tried mounting the clubmans under the top tree. It's impossible on my bike (with the stock trees anyway), I'd like to pick up some clip on's so that I could lower the bike a bit, but I think - aside for some new indicators and possibly pinstripe - I'm done modifying this bike (Famous last words?).

...But no worries, this won't be my last project bike... Next one will either be a CB or an SV, or maybe restore an old dirt bike and ride the shit out of it... haven't decided.

quote:Crash bars on old jap bikes are pretty much a necessity. Most inline 4 jap motors stick out past the frame and the crankcase end is usually the first thing to smack the ground and ruin the bike...

...I like it. I see a lot of checkered bikes on the internet, but people don't ride on the internet so goo on you to go with what you like.
Thanks Geeto. I'm thinking I will just spray em black where they are rubbed off (each scratch on the crash bars = 1 saved motor) and hope that people don't notice. They're pretty small anyway... Only 1 person noticed em enough to mention it.

I did, However, consider trying to rig up some kinda frame slider instead... maybe replace the passenger pegs with sliders (and have the passenger use em as pegs when they're on there) and sticking some long sliders where the crash bars are now... Hmmm...

It's like what you said, there are alot of bikes on the net - from all over the world - that have checkers. Mostly British bikes at that. So I'm not too worried about it.

Thanks for the comments (good and bad). This is my first "Project" bike, although I did rebuild the motor in my XR250R last year, and remove all the street stuff... Only to have it stolen out of my [attached] garage while I was asleep (never even woke the f*cking dog).
I'm 22 now, so I can still see a lot of projects in my future.

Hey By'
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