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Fresh Paint Job

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Here are some pics of the take-it-or-leave-it paintjob.

1-UP seat:

2-UP seat:

Front / Side view:

I love it personally... Of course I'm a little biased considering the hours and dollars I've put into it.

As far as the decals go, I got 2 of the cafe racer decals from Carpy (side panels) the Rockers decal straight from the Ace Cafe (back of the 2-up seat) and the emblems on the tank I had cut out of vinyl here locally (as well as the checker stripes), so it all means something to me. For the checkers I tried to mimic the new thruxtons, needed something to break up all the black (It was either that or a triple stripe).

Like I've said before, this isn't a racebike... But it's not a showbike either, just the way I wanted it to look (other mods include uni filter, 4-into-1, reverse megaphone muffler... a good carb tuning to come in the next couple weeks).

Comments Welcome.

Hey By'
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im gonna have to pass on the checkers.....yeah the bike is cool... but the checkerboard thing is a little tired at this point.... maybe some checkerboard of a different color would be cool... red and black or green and yellow.... but the black and white? long as you keep the solo seat on there....maybe a smaller headlight bucket...and um are those like mini crash bars on there in the front down by the headers? k gotta go..........
dont get me wrong its a cool bike... besides who gives a shit what i think, its not my who cares....but yeah its cool.......just seriously ditch the double seat...that IS gay, and i dont care what hot chick you have on the back.... its still GAY. oh and checkers or not, the paint job is really nice....
I guess we can close this topic now.... the all knowing, mighty Geeto hath goin out and gettin me some crash bars.....maybe a luggage rack too....haha
yeah...just a little....all in fun if any of you lame asses out there want some crash bars, a luggage rack or a big ass stock 70's cb450 headlight, let me know...i have them in a box, you can have them... think i gots gauges too.....
to use clubmans, you MUST run them underneath the triple tree, with the clamps under the tree instead of on top....then, you wont be a homosexual.....
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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