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Fresh Paint Job

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Here are some pics of the take-it-or-leave-it paintjob.

1-UP seat:

2-UP seat:

Front / Side view:

I love it personally... Of course I'm a little biased considering the hours and dollars I've put into it.

As far as the decals go, I got 2 of the cafe racer decals from Carpy (side panels) the Rockers decal straight from the Ace Cafe (back of the 2-up seat) and the emblems on the tank I had cut out of vinyl here locally (as well as the checker stripes), so it all means something to me. For the checkers I tried to mimic the new thruxtons, needed something to break up all the black (It was either that or a triple stripe).

Like I've said before, this isn't a racebike... But it's not a showbike either, just the way I wanted it to look (other mods include uni filter, 4-into-1, reverse megaphone muffler... a good carb tuning to come in the next couple weeks).

Comments Welcome.

Hey By'
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yeah...just a little....all in fun if any of you lame asses out there want some crash bars, a luggage rack or a big ass stock 70's cb450 headlight, let me know...i have them in a box, you can have them... think i gots gauges too.....
don't forget the clubmans!!

to use clubmans, you MUST run them underneath the triple tree, with the clamps under the tree instead of on top....then, you wont be a homosexual.....
dont get me wrong its a cool bike... besides who gives a shit what i think, its not my who cares....but yeah its cool.......just seriously ditch the double seat...that IS gay, and i dont care what hot chick you have on the back.... its still GAY. oh and checkers or not, the paint job is really nice....
Like I said, the 2-up seat just sits in my garage until I decide to give someone a ride.
About the paintjob, thanks, I sprayed it in my heated shed... wasn't easy but I think it came out ok. There's a little orange peel and a little dust in places, but I should be able to buff it out (If I can't I'll wet sand it and then buff).

quote:to use clubmans, you MUST run them underneath the triple tree, with the clamps under the tree instead of on top....then, you wont be a homosexual.....
I tried mounting the clubmans under the top tree. It's impossible on my bike (with the stock trees anyway), I'd like to pick up some clip on's so that I could lower the bike a bit, but I think - aside for some new indicators and possibly pinstripe - I'm done modifying this bike (Famous last words?).

...But no worries, this won't be my last project bike... Next one will either be a CB or an SV, or maybe restore an old dirt bike and ride the shit out of it... haven't decided.

quote:Crash bars on old jap bikes are pretty much a necessity. Most inline 4 jap motors stick out past the frame and the crankcase end is usually the first thing to smack the ground and ruin the bike...

...I like it. I see a lot of checkered bikes on the internet, but people don't ride on the internet so goo on you to go with what you like.
Thanks Geeto. I'm thinking I will just spray em black where they are rubbed off (each scratch on the crash bars = 1 saved motor) and hope that people don't notice. They're pretty small anyway... Only 1 person noticed em enough to mention it.

I did, However, consider trying to rig up some kinda frame slider instead... maybe replace the passenger pegs with sliders (and have the passenger use em as pegs when they're on there) and sticking some long sliders where the crash bars are now... Hmmm...

It's like what you said, there are alot of bikes on the net - from all over the world - that have checkers. Mostly British bikes at that. So I'm not too worried about it.

Thanks for the comments (good and bad). This is my first "Project" bike, although I did rebuild the motor in my XR250R last year, and remove all the street stuff... Only to have it stolen out of my [attached] garage while I was asleep (never even woke the f*cking dog).
I'm 22 now, so I can still see a lot of projects in my future.

Hey By'
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get some fucking clip ons you pussies!

CB650, FauxCatiFT500

Edited by - jb on Apr 10 2007 10:43:46 PM
you actually see more checkers on the net then on the road in person day to day.Except now with the triumph has it on their new bikes people not knowing any think about bikes will think yours is a new bike.
I had a "classic" none bmw, mini cooper s ,I painted one half dark blue on a diagonal from the front head right lamp to the,left rear lamp.The other side a light medium blue and a wide red stripe to seperate the two .
The idea being as it approached you it was medium blue and as it left you you saw only the dark blue was a cool concept.
People would tell me, hey man I saw another car just like this and they would say the color that wasnt facing them ,but to me it was obvious it was two colors I mean its a mini you can see that clearly its a tiny car.but it was to the casual on looker one color on the side walk side and one color on the street side.

I kept hearing about this other mini in town till I sold it to a guy in maine/NH.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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