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77 Suzukit GT550 for sale
Bike located in Colorado Springs, CO. Complete, have title, doesn't start. I haven't spent any time on it and looks like I will be moving soon so don't have any time to mess with it. PO told me he road it but one day it wouldn't start (ignition maybe?)

Anyway, a cool, unique cafe bike not in boxes and with a title. Clip ons and a cafe seat. How many air-cooled 2 stroke triples have you seen that aren't a Kawasaki?

$500 cash

I also have many parts from a ZX6 I was going to adapt for it - triples, wheels, brakes, etc. that I would include for $100. Not complete for a conversion, but a great deal on a head start to modernize it.


not a bad ride for those who live close to colorado. there are pics on the wera bbs. pretty bike for 500 clams.


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gt550s are good solid reliable two strokes. A lot smoother than the t500 and although heavier they are as fast if not a little faster. I know a few guys who put 800-1000 miles on them in single weekends. Solid bikes, and a good deal to boot. Good condition exhausts for that bike are woth $500.
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