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Has anyone had any experience with fitting a front disc brake setup from a newer street bike onto any Honda CB models? I was browsing on eBay and finding tons of stock GSX-R front brake setups, along with other newer bike brake setups. The whole damn thing, rotor, caliper, lines/hoses, master cylinder w/lever, etc. I have access to a lathe and a vertical mill to fab some custom brackets and such, but I would like to know if the basic offset and stuff like that is feasible. Would my best bet be using parts from a newer CBR600, and stay within the Honda make?
Any input appreciated.
There are plenty of guys who whave swapped whole cbr and fzr front ends on their cb750s. The hardest part about custom brakes on a stock cb750 is figuring out which caliper will work with those super thick 1970's brake rotors. head to the bike junkyard with a ruler and a dial caliper - look for a bike whose rotor thickness and overall diameter is close to your cb750's. You can always get your rotor turned down if needed but you want something close to start out with. I know the kawasaki triple guys retrofit an ex500/zx6 caliper but they turn down their rotor or use a kz650 rotor.
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