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Front end

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I have an interesting question. A friend of mine who is rebuilding a R75 BMW into an awesome steet bike showed me a neat trick. He put a spare lower triple tree fork brace (with stem and excess metal shaved off) on about halfway between the working lower triple tree bracket and the fender bracket/brace. I thought this was a neat idea to really make the front end tight and reduce flex. He swears that it works and I believe him. Anyone ever try this on their CB350 or is it just not needed if you have a good fender bracket/fork brace?


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I have acquired some triple trees to do the same mod on my R50, R75 and possible the cb350.
If you look carefully at the CC Products Junkyard Dog this has been done ( For those that doen't know, this bike kicked butt for years on the national level in Formula 750);

Just use some zipties on top of the sliders to find max travel on the tubes and then go a little beyond to prevent bottoming.

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Thanks Pete,
My R50 is looking real nice (hopefully fairly competitive in GP500 too) Unfortunately my R75 is now-where near ready for the upcoming season. It was in rough shape after last year's flogging and pavment tosses. 2 Kids under the age of 2 YO have taken all of my free time. I've been sorting some stuff the past few weekends though. The newly sourced 750SS fairing and toaster tank look pretty damn good together. Tenatively planning on having it ready by Mid-Ohio.
Love to take the "Dog" out for a ride but that will most likely never happen.

Come say hello at the TD/School. I'll be riding a cb350 only for the time being.

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