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I was considering bobbing the front fender on my xj650 before I painted it - Hopefully this week - but the edges of the fender are bent, im guessing for ridgidity. If I cut away the edge it will reveal the ugly support bracket underneath.

Aside from cutting the sides off all together, bobbing the fender on top and polishing the bracket that holds it to the forks, i have been considering trying to pick up a front fender off of another bike that fits the style I'm looking for.

The dimensions are 2 1/2" center to center on the bolt holes, 5" wide from fork to fork, and 4" rise to the top of the tire from the bolts.

This is the type of fender im lookin for - it's on a 78 cb750 there but im not sure what the fender is off of.

If anyone knows what fender that is or if the dimensions will even fit my bike, I'd appreciate it.


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