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For what it's worth I'll give you my take on things. Frontier was/is a cool set up along with being very dangerous as it was. After they moved the helipads it just becomes REALLY dangerous. The track was told by homeland security to move the helipads away from the infield. We tried to get more race weekends/2 day events but there are all kinds of other sanctioning bodiesWKA,LRRS,SCCA,Richard Petty, Private rentals,Etc. that are getting the real track. The one year we were able to squeak out a weekend in August was beacause of leap year that ended up with an extra weekend. Nobody says we have to like it but it is just the way it is. Maybe someday the track in Tamworth will be built or a roadcourse somewhere in the NE NY area will be built.

I think we were lucky to pick up a couple of non race track days. NHIS can be chore to negotiate with at times. All I can say is thanks for Bob Coy as I don't think anybody else could pull it off.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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