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Fuel level sensor on petcock

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Hello I have a 1977 bmw r75 and I am building a cafe racer I had the idea to make a fuel level sensor to it. I see that some of the older moto guzzi bike had them. The r 75 has 2 holes for 2 pet cocks would it be possible to use one of the holes for a fule sensor. And do those sensors power a on/off light or a gauge. I have not seen any one do this. I thought that it would be a unique part of the bike. Thanks
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Lots of bikes have or had fuel level sensors, including newer BMW's, sometimes they even work half decent. Most are integrated with a computer module that is typical on later models and that's where they get the power and control for the display electronics. So simple answer is, if your tank was never so equipped, it gets expensive real quick.
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Nothing beats a sight level for accuracy and simplicity, but motorcycle manufactures never seem to bother fitting them.
Pretty sure his tank vents through the fuel filler cap which complicates installing a sight glass, if a fuel tank has a vent tube high in the tank and uses gravity feed on the fuel tap, you can install a plastic tube between those two points and have a super cheap and easy sight gauge. Also his bike is pre fuel injection so the fuel tank lacks large access ports for fuel pumps and filters.
I have that exact same gauge on the snowmobile I bought this year, 2 problems, one it's not designed to work on a saddle tank and 2 the pos that came on the machine doesn't work.

... it threads onto a plastic tank
This is what I saw and what gave me the idea If I fit this on the tank and supply a voltage and ground to a light would this work? Thanks
That's a low fuel sensor only, it can switch a light on your dash if you have one. Doesn't support a gauge and yes it bolts into a fitting that is welded into the bottom of the Guzzi tank.
According to the MotoGuzzi wiring diagram yes, it's just a light switch.
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