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Ok, not mine but someone on the fzr400 list. this bike is sick:

I am selling my FZR400/600 franken bike. I am moving and it is just to
much for me to take with me. I have had this bike for years and it
drives like a dream. I have been a LONG time member of this board and
I have customized this bike a lot as most of you know. I will attempt
to highlight what I have done to the bike but I am sure that I will
miss a whole bunch of stuff. The bike starts of the first thumb of the
starter. But you may have to rejet it for your altitude. I am up in
Denver so the jetting up here is much different.

Ok here is a short list of the stuff on this bike.

This is a 1990 FZR400 frame
Complete 1998 YZF600r motor conversion with ONLY 5800 miles on it.
Includes radiator, full wiring handle bar switches and all.
Yoshimura racing header, R6 mid pipe, over over racing end can made
out of FULL titanium. Not just the outside sleeve. It is SUPER light.
FZR400rr swing arm conversion
Fox racing shock with remote reservoir it is the new fox shock with
the ride height adjustment.
TZ250 rear wheel with 520 conversion
1998 GSXR 750 front end with a carbon fiber front fender from a
Aprilia Mille
6 pot brake calipers with steel braided brake lines
ducati 748 front wheel and speedo drive - the ducati speedo is the
same ratio as the YZF speedo so it works like stock.
I have installed in the YZF600r fuel level indicator so there is a
light not a reserve switch
Full FZR400rr body work including tail assembly that is welded
professionally so you can take a passenger safely
FZR400rr projector beam headlights
carbonfiber tank cap
GSXR600 rear brake caliper
Almost new Pirelli Diablo tires front and back
Custom airbox
new battery

I am hoping to get 3500 but I am negotiable I have WAY more money into
this bike. I suggest shipping it through forward air. They are cheap
and very reliable and fast

Write if you have any questions.
[email protected]

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Thats a lot of work into that old bike. I bet it sticks like crazy with the updated swing arm and front end. That guy has some pretty good ideas with mixing the different manufacturers to where it all matched up pretty well. The six pots are probably almost too aggressive for that bike, but it'll stop!

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fzr400 frames are extremely similar fzr600s but everything is made out of aluminum instead of steel. Putting a yzf 600 motor (100+hp vs the fzr which was in the 80's-90's and weighed 400lbs) into the 400 frame makes the bike a screamer as fzr400s are already sub 350lb bikes stock.
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