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G-D Furnace

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My "free" 20 year old Ruud propane furnace that I installed in my garage in December just went all TangoUniform on me. I got no heat!
Now I'm shopping for a new vented propane garage heater...

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frank, my experience is its 99% of the time the valve or something related. you can get valves for as low as 20 bucks and up. depending if its 110 or 12v will make a difference. but, you can convert a 110 system to a 12v with a transformer. the important thing is you get one with the correct flow rate. otherwise theyre all pretty much the same. if you get one with too much of a flow, it'll fill the area with gas and then ignite it giving you a beautiful fire ball and an explosion that will rock your windows. (a trick you can perform over and over if you have the nerve and insurance).

freeze. or take your stuff into the dining room. itll be worth it in spring!

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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