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If you see something you want, make an offer. All stuff located in NH.

kawasaki Parts
H1 gas tank blue & light blue 4/10 has rust hole
H1 gas tank dark green 6/10 light rust inside, probably repainted
H1 left/right sidecovers dark green probably repainted
H1 left/right sidecovers light green
tail with brakelight dark green
H1 forks 8/10 straight in good condition
H1 chassis with the following:
forks & front caliper 8/10
front fender 6/10
headlight, fork ears, signals 5/10
gauges with lock/key 7/10
3 coils
oil tank, snorkle, inner fender
swingarm & chain guard
shocks 7/10

H1 stock pipes 7/10, has ding in end of one pipe
H1 stock pipes 5/10, no rust holes, but not pretty. will take some elbow grease
H1 front wheel and disk 7/10
H1 seat cover is junk, but seatpan is good

H1 complete rolling chassis, all thats missing is a motor.
both wheels 8/10
Light green gastank 7/10, light rust inside
light green tail
guages and headlight 8/10
shocks 7/10
all cables, throttle cables with carb slides still attached

H1 rolling chassis
Early chassis, with front and rear drum
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