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Gas Tank Fitting for a Complete Novice

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Im the new guy.
Not just new to the site, but new to the cafe dream. New to mechanic work, and new to tools that aren't shaping and joining wood. Please forgive me.

I received a project bike for Christmas and need some advice and help.

Its a 1974 Honda XL350 and runs well. Carb rebuilt and engine revamped. What doesn't suffice is the rusted out gas tank. Its a teardrop and is not at all the style i am looking for; and this is where I need help!
The Xl350 has a very v-shaped frame, given that its part dirtbike, which I need to compensate for with the seat and tank given that any serious welding and frame reconstruction is out of the question. How do I know that a tank will fit if I am buying it online? Is there a system in place for the type of mounting or size or distance between the front holding rubber mounts and the screw mount in the back I should be looking for, or should I just be realizing that I will need to get some help and some machine work to get a new tank to fit?

Any help would be much appreciated, any at all regarding my bike, given that I want a cafe/brat style and all I have seen conversion wise is more of a bobber.

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Wow! Imagine that Geeto67 trashing someone's ideas. I say listen to everyone else. Someone on here I'm sure will be able to help. Don't let this one jackass on here that may have some technical knowledge but is a complete dick discourage your ideas. I've noticed that he doesn't like anything he doesn't come up with or may be out of the ordinary. The Internet is designed to share information which he thinks is his to distribute only to people that have worked on bikes for at least 50 years and really don't need help just want to brag about how original they are because they can't think outside of their small world.

You are a complete idiot, not just a partial. If that is what you took from Geeto's posts then I guess you do believe the internet was created by Al Gore to spoon feed you whatever your little heart desires. So you don't need to lift a finger to even use the search function here or ask your best friend Google.

Now for the OP, I was going to do a little work for you, but decided you might learn better if you do it yourself. Since you are a student and I am an educator, this makes sense to me. So, as a little learning exercise you should search on here for a build thread for an XL350 done by Wingwalker( I think his name is). Then you should search the Google images for XL350s and see what tanks others have fitted. Then if you click on the image and go to the original page for that image it may tell you what it came from. I like to call this exercise research. It is an interesting concept which may lead to actual knowledge, not just some isolated facts.

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