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Gas Tank Fitting for a Complete Novice

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Im the new guy.
Not just new to the site, but new to the cafe dream. New to mechanic work, and new to tools that aren't shaping and joining wood. Please forgive me.

I received a project bike for Christmas and need some advice and help.

Its a 1974 Honda XL350 and runs well. Carb rebuilt and engine revamped. What doesn't suffice is the rusted out gas tank. Its a teardrop and is not at all the style i am looking for; and this is where I need help!
The Xl350 has a very v-shaped frame, given that its part dirtbike, which I need to compensate for with the seat and tank given that any serious welding and frame reconstruction is out of the question. How do I know that a tank will fit if I am buying it online? Is there a system in place for the type of mounting or size or distance between the front holding rubber mounts and the screw mount in the back I should be looking for, or should I just be realizing that I will need to get some help and some machine work to get a new tank to fit?

Any help would be much appreciated, any at all regarding my bike, given that I want a cafe/brat style and all I have seen conversion wise is more of a bobber.

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Look, this sounds like you are the same as every other newbie. You googled "café racer forum" and found us. You didn't take any time to read about this forum or what the goals are. Now you are moments away for butthurt because you are not getting the help you need in your game of dress up. If this is your version of a new dress then please just stop in here and ask for directions to the place you need to be.

If you have questions about servicing then ask. Plenty here can help.
If you want to talk gear then talk away. again many can help.
But if you want to post vague bullshit about "how can I mount a tank so my ass doesn't look big"or "my eyes are green, what color should I paint my frame" then fuck off.

There is no initiation, style,or sub culture. Just ride the freaking bike, then change things that make it work better. Rest is just nonsense
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"Im not into the image. Im a mechanical engineering student and have always been project driven."

Great....another engineering
You will find a large difference pre, during, and after school. A few of the people that are pointing out how dumb your plan is are engineers.

"Last but not least, I did not just post to the first forum I found on a Google search. I did my research and thought then, and still now, that this is the best place for educated answers. I do want a good looking bike in the long run but I want a more reliable bike most importantly"

second fail.
Get off the web. Go into your garage, fix the freaking bike. Then go out into the real world and ride the fucking thing.

Just buy the god dam stock tank. You have a shitty base to build the messed up idea of what café racer is anyway.
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