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I used some MR8 at the last race. Frontierdon. Awesome. F'in unbelievable. I am now a believer. But I found out on the VP page that MR8 is for 125 and 250 2 smokes. Octane 107, leaded, oxygenated, yellow in color. I was running a 4 stroke 500 single.

The VP web page says this shit can be shipped UPS!!

I guess if it works it works. What isn't on their web page is

1. how long it lasts and
2. it says on the can not to leave in the carb/tank. But for how long?
3. I am going for a dyno test on Friday at MM. We'll see. All I know is I kept up with TK's 650 duc. (but he did say there was a "shimmy" in the steering)

I just need to get my post count up.
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One of our VRRA races takes place in North Bay at an airport. We convert it to a track just like the guys that came back from WW2 did. Anyway, while up there I go and get some Av gas (aviation) and the little 350 really wakes up. Anybody tried using Av gas?


By the way, is there anyway to get notifications to replies like on other websites? I've searched this site but either I can't see it or it does not exist, any help appreciated.

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