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George Gramlich (USCRA racer) has asked me to pass on this list of bikes he has for sale.
Contact details are below. Some interesting stuff.


Of special interest to you and the boys might by my cherry Henning's 350 Honda. Full Hennings motor, trans, exhaust plus other parts. Put together by KTR (the exotic car guys). Only ran practice laps at Mid Ohio with it and NOBODY could touch me there (didn't race it that weekend due too many races with other bikes).
That was it and is was stored. A beautiful bike, asking $3500.
Also, my Honda CB175 that I whipped ass with. Consistent 4th place finishes at Mid Ohio with huge grids. Alas, that was the bike I crashed on at Loudon, so it is a bit scraped up, Overall real good but needs some fairing and handlebar control work, etc. $1000 ??
Motorcycles for Sale
December 2009
1. 1992 BMW R100RS - Last edition airhead. Silver/Blue. Excellent condition. Only
10K miles. Serviced by Heids. $5000.
2. 1961 Bianchi 350 Miiitary - Italian Alpine Border Patrol Bike. Restored in Italy.
Collector grade. Crawler gear for mountains. Snorkel intake and
high exhaust for wading streams, night lights, very trick.
3. 2005 Kawasaki Ninja - Grey, two cylinder. Fun, fun, fun. 2807 miles. exc.
4. 1983 BMW/EML Sidecar Rig - 1983 EML sidecar rig/chasis with 1975 BMW R90/S
motor, tank, trans etc. The absolute best sidecar outfit ever
made. EML is the mercedes of sidecars. Runs perfect, handles
like a small sportscar. Alpine white, sidecar has optional top
for bad weather. Disk brakes everywhere. The best.
5. 1967 BMW 60/2 - 32k miles, Big tank, big seat, Craven saddlebags (very cool), a
solid /2. $5000.
6. 2003 Aprilia RS50 - a beyond cool Italian 50cc two stroke super bike race replica.
Goes like hell and corners better then any bike you have ever
ridden. Looks just like a superbike. Babied, mint. Only 395
miles. Black/red. $3500.
7. 1973 Jawa Golden Sport - 50cc two stroke “sport “ model. Runs good. Yellow,
only 71 miles. $500.
8. 2005 Kawasaki 250 Ninja - fun, fun, fun. Blue, only 2k miles, $1500.
9. 1995 Kawasaki 500 Ninja - 30k miles. Blue. Runs perfect. $500.
10. 2005 ROKON Trailbreaker - two wheel drive, camo green, special front and rear racks, babied, less
than 30 hours used, four stroke motor, Also has one-bolt easily detachable ROKON sidecar, very cool. Runs perfect.
11. Race Bikes - two vintage road race bikes for sale. A Hennings Honda 350 racer (excellent, fast and rare) and
a champion Honda CB 175. Call for info.

Terms: all deals cash only. no warranties. You pick up. Don’t waste my time if you are not truly interested and have the money.
For more info call George, days, at 518 251-0845. Bikes are in Minerva, NY.

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The jawa is neat. Used to be a Jawa dealer in my town, I had a 1971 250. He had on of those 50's a kid I knew bought. The tank reminded me of a early 1900's bike. Same color as this one. Well, on summer afternoon I was sitting on the stoop of the shop I worked at and the kid was riding down the street when a car pulled right out in front of him. I'll never forget that bike laying there all crumpled up in the street. Not sure about the kid, guess I paid more attention to the bike.

That would be a cool giro bike. I'd get it if the bill for the aermacchi rebuild wasn't coming up.

Midge, you should buy it for Kim.

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