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getting closer to what I want...

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here are some pics of what my bike looked like when I first bought it:

and here's what it looks like now:

It already had the screaming eagle kit and drag pipes on it. As you can see, I've changed out the buckhorns for the drag bars, although I chose them b/c even though they are drag bars, they're small enough and set up such that they don't neccesarily have the *standard* look (at least, in my opinion...). I installed the kuryaken hypercharger the other day and am overall very happy w/it. I modified it though to work off the action of my throttle as opposed to just forced air. Although I need to tinker w/it a little more. I won't be doing too much more to it b/f I leave for korea, but when I get back, then the gloves come off. In the works are:

New rear shocks that perform better and are longer
a redesigned rear fender that will allow me to make a back cowl.
I'm hemhawing about the pipes, would kind of like to get more *traditional* looking pipes, but don't want to lose performance
A mikuni carb
some lighting changes
While in Korea, I'm going to work on designing the tank I want, and finding someone to fabricate it.
A Tachometer set

Those are the major things I'm working towards. There are little things here and there that I'll probably change. But the list is already long right now, so I'm just going to stick w/that for the time being.

Overall though, I'm extremely happy w/how it's coming along.

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Thanks for the input and suggestions! However, I really just want to keep the bike quick and nimble. While those are drag bars, in person, they don't look *quite* as...I dunno, draggy. And they're the only quick option (I.E., something I can find in a shop), down the road, I will get something even better. The mirrors, I just liked. And my wife *really* liked them and pressured me on

Basically, I'm trying to keep it somewhat creative, mix a few different styles in the process, but keep it overall cafe. And I really want to keep it nice and quick and nimble...I do really like the aussi pic you posted, that's pretty close to what I want, although I do want a cowl on the back that comes up and forms the little back rest. Also, I want it to be...somewhat round. Less sharp lines like in the newer stuff. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Anyways, again, I appreciate the input, and I'll keep posting pics as I come along w/it.

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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