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Ghost Motorcycles???

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Long ago, I went to the "Mecca" of Motorcycle shops with my uncle, who rode (still has it) a Guzzi Eldorado or Ambassador - don't remember which, but it was the first motorcycle I went over 100 mph on, back in '72 or 73, but I degress.

The shop was in Port Washington, Long Island, NY. and was called "Ghost Motorcycles". I figure close to Geeto. Are they still around? I tried searching on the web but didn't come up with anything last time I checked. I remember it was a really cool shop, crammed with old, unusal bikes (remeber this was the early 70's).

I just saw a ducati frame on egay from motorcycle world, which I think was in Port Washington, and wonder if they are the same place, just renamed.

Just curious....
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