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Ghost Motorcycles???

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Long ago, I went to the "Mecca" of Motorcycle shops with my uncle, who rode (still has it) a Guzzi Eldorado or Ambassador - don't remember which, but it was the first motorcycle I went over 100 mph on, back in '72 or 73, but I degress.

The shop was in Port Washington, Long Island, NY. and was called "Ghost Motorcycles". I figure close to Geeto. Are they still around? I tried searching on the web but didn't come up with anything last time I checked. I remember it was a really cool shop, crammed with old, unusal bikes (remeber this was the early 70's).

I just saw a ducati frame on egay from motorcycle world, which I think was in Port Washington, and wonder if they are the same place, just renamed.

Just curious....
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Thanks for the info. Those shirts were great! I remember going to the first motocross race at Unadilla Valley in upstate NY around 68 or 69 and there were a couple riders from there. Can't remember what bikes they were on, but back then it was all european, Bultacos, Maicos, Huskys, even a BSA or AJS thumper here and there.

Those old shops are alot of fun is you can paw around. There is one a few miles from me that kind of closed up, he has a NEW, unregistered Ducati SS, not sure of the model but it is blue and silver sitting there it is set up like a shrine. There are sheds full of brit bikes that I couldn't get into and literally littering the ground all around the shop are BMW's, old jap bikes, Motoguzzis, and at least 5 Ducati singles. There has got to be at least 100 there. I guess they were covered 20 years ago, but now out in the elements. Wish I could have gotten into the sheds......

His son was killed 100 yards from the shop pushing his bike home, and the father pretty much closed up and still grieves. The name of the shop is Circle S service in Belden NY. They have a newer shop up the road that sells Enfield Bullets and Koycera. I think they also do lawn and garden stuff. Its the old shop you want. NOS Ducati parts (70's up) etc.
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