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1968 Gilera 125. 6 volt system. Battery is not charging.

1. What type of charging system is this?
2. Is this the type that needs to be magnetized?
3. none of the "magnets" has any attraction to metal.
4. Is there a way to test this system?
5. I have not checked for continuity yet.

Any help appreciated. As far as I can tell, the regulator is OK . . . but any way to check it is good too. Or is there someone in New England that I should be chatting with? The Gilera Yahoo group?



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That charging system doesn't have any permanent magnets. Not sure of the technical term but that's an "alternator" you have there. It requires a battery to excite the field coils to produced the magnetic field required to make power. Basically it's the same type system found on older cars.
I haven't seen a system like that on a bike since I was working on old Harleys.
I'd talk to the Gilera people...they'd probably know all the likely problem areas.
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