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For once a USCRA event was only 2 hours from home, so I am back earlier than most.

Beautiful weather, old bikes and friendly people, what more could there be!

DCH saved my day after my Honda fell over this morning due to piss poor placement by me and a big wind. My front break lever broke at the pivot point, putting me out of commission until DCH offered the use of the lever off his 160 that had broken down the day before!

Hats off and Kudos to DCH.

No Champ, this won't turn into a love fest.

Speaking of Champ, I am sure he will tell everyone about all his adventures. Jerseygirl had her own adventures too. It was interesting to watch a Yamaha 100 get held up horizontally to move the gas from one side of the tank to the other--somebody must have got a picture of that.

The old Duc 160 ran amazingly well on its maiden voyage today under the careful hands of Jenn and completed the event without incident. I have to admit that girl has a lot of guts to jump on an untried bike and run it 80 miles....

Registration for the fall Giro starts June 1st. Its a blast!

I am not positive who all from here was at the Giro, since some go incognito on this site. TT stoped in for a beer and race talk and it was nice meeting him in person.

If you have never seen them, these little old bikes can haul ass down the road!

Tony at Get it in Gear in Unionville NY has a great shop and attitude! Buy stuff from him if you are in the area.

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