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anybody got gloves they would recommend? the last two pair i've had have given up early in my book. my hands are healthy, so i'm not really complaining...just wondering if anyone's got an opinion. i had a pair of Olympia's and a pair of JoeRocket's.

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i wear alpine stars gp plus. bought them three years ago, race in them and wear them on the street too. leather and stiching has held up where some of my friends can't say the same for their held gloves. also that carbon fiber stuff over the knuckles really does work. tested it this year in t5 at summit. hands were so nice and soft i masturbated as soon as i got back to the pits, and yes it was quite soft on my weenie.


p.s.- jb you soooo funny!
joe c.,

i'm pretty sure i heard chris m. complaining about his "new" held gloves. of course that was a couple of years ago. tom t. (except for the last summit round) doesn't really crash. i think that is when and only when you know if you have a good pair of gloves, when you test pavement.

johnny b., no lotion for me, i like the friction. you know i'm touching myself right now!

see ya,

i like kangaroos, i think they're pretty.

mmmm, pretty little animals.

nice. nice.


p.s.- sorry to get all creepy but i really do like kangaroos!
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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