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anybody got gloves they would recommend? the last two pair i've had have given up early in my book. my hands are healthy, so i'm not really complaining...just wondering if anyone's got an opinion. i had a pair of Olympia's and a pair of JoeRocket's.

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helds are supposed to be the balls. t-bull has em. chris, and i know frank smith uses em. nice and soft for that work in the pits. way too expensive for me though. alpine stars is the way i think. the carbon kevlar thing works. steve d has a pair that he actually collapsed the carbon on. like it dented and kinked on somthing. i've also seen it burn through. but the dent i think would have really hurt if it had been just leather. so the armor is probably good.

yeah, what you dont know is tom has a habit of doing pavement evaluations on the street regularly. and no, he hasnt crashed in a while on the track, but his leathers actually tore from him stretching them, and he burned a hole in them there. i think toms pretty happy with them. chris has told me he likes his gloves. i think theyre made from kangaroo, which is nice.

should we start giving you ideas??

i had a bianchi mountain bike years back. it was a nice back.

1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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