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GN250 tracker turnsignals slowing down

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Hello all,

After stalking this forum for ages, I decided to cave and ask for help!
There are currently 2 issues that I'm trying to resolve with my '94 gn250 build. It's my first build and I'm learning as I go without prior mechanical knowledge. So I'm bound to hurdle into some problems that I cannot solve myself.

1) I've electrically wired everything up (but was streetsmart enough to first label everything hehe), so it got together nicely. At the beginning everything worked nicely, however now the blinkers are starting to slow down (about 1 second they stayed on longer every time they blinked), then they stayed on permanently and now none of the electronics work. I figure I have a bad ground somewhere or blew something, but I cannot find it.
2) I have a tachometer that doesn't match up straight away. It has 2 grounds, 1 for the backlight and 1 for the other stuff (blinker LED, mainbeam LED, neutral LED). They can't be interchanged as they are not common. The bike itself has also 2 grounds: one for the blinkers and another for all the rest (backlight, neutral, LED, mainbeam LED). As you can see, this doesn't match. I've thought of bringing all grounds together but I figure there is a reason why they are seperated haha:confused:

Btw, here go some images of the current progress :), hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

Let me know if I can provide some extra information.
Hopefully you guys will also like the project log I'll be starting soon.

Kind regards,
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So I'm assuming that the bike isn't a rider yet and as such, when you're running the electronics off of straight battery.
I'm also assuming that you're trying to run a non-stock sized battery... probably a small battery that you can hide?

First question: is the battery you're using fully charged? You'd be surprised how much simple electrical testing/troubleshooting can run down a battery.
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