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goddamn the slow

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fucking lane splitters. fucking newbie squid can't get out of their own way lane splitters. It was like fucking amature day out there.

since the weather has become really nice I am back to riding to work. Blew the 73's motor last week so I decided to take the dunstall into the city today and get an inspection for it during lunch. so I am hapily buzzing along in the NYC traffic when I come upon a guy on an R1 in my 'tween-lane. traffic is stopped totally and the dude is moving 10 mph between the cars. I am on a bike that is twice as wide as he is and I am moving twice as fast. I wouldn't have mindid it so much but I cut around a car on the other side and when I came back over to get back in my 'tween-lane he sped up and blocked me. Then when I got off the highway he tried to race me at the light. what a dufus.

but that isn't as bad as the pud thumper in the flip flops and not dot helmet on the 59th street bridge on his cheap chinese scooter moving, I shit you not, 5mph in stopped traffic. I come up on him and I was patient but the asshole refuses to get out of the way and even flips me off when I rev the bike to let him know I am there and want to pass(the dunstall is loud as fuck and has no horn). the guy in the car next to me gets is and holds back when traffic begins to creep so I could get in front of him to get around the ass hat.

not 300 yards further up is another guy on a cbr f2 that looked like an f2 sampler as every panel was a different color factory paint job. this guy is sitting on a running bike walking the fucking thing through the stopped traffic. and he won't move over either. I go to the sholder and get around him and I see him riding my lane wake - close.

Finally there is the douche on the new fat boy who tries to beat the yellow light and nearly runs down a NYPD traffic cop who was signaling for him to stop, only to get stock in the middle of the intersection because traffic is backed up. Stuck right in front of me. and he and the traffic cop are too busy arguing for this fat ass to get the fuck out of my way. thankfully I wasn't the only bike there and a guy on a zrx blocked the car traffic to let me an an enduro come across two lanes to get around this jerk.

I hate New York City.
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yeah but it sounds like lane splitting is legal there

it sure isn't here but I pretend I don't know that

I'm also wondering if it's really not legal, as some nosy buttinsky recently suggested, to ride on the sidewalks too

I can't imagine why it would be
I'd like to see the law from Californicate that specifically states motorcycles "splitting or sharing lanes with automobiles" is actually legal

this was mulled about a while ago elsewhere and my reading on it boiled down to this

it's not actually legal but the wording doesn't actually make it illegal
in this state, automobile drivers are literally driven to violent rage and will indeed try to nail a cyclists that "shares" or "splits" a lane

even when threading the needle through the non-car-driving rolling pylon course

you better make sure you position yourself to out maneuver and out horsepower them

not a day passes that it doesn't shock me to see a driver react in rage provoked merely by the very simple act of me on my bike, powering and fancy footing right past and thru the long lines of them..... safely and legally so

it's almost like they demand that extra window of non-attention paying and careless driving comfort which means they can text message, munch bagels, put on make up, jerk off, and so on while doing their very slack and irresponsible version of automobile driving

I largely have nothing but contempt and loathing for the large masses of miserably incompetent and disrespectful lot of automobile drivers with whom we all must share OUR roads with

every day I take charge and set a fine example for other motorcyclists

teach the cagers their place on the roads

and desensitize them for the day when they may legally and morally be required to yield to more agile vehicles that do indeed consume less of this planet's resources
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1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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