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goddamn the slow

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fucking lane splitters. fucking newbie squid can't get out of their own way lane splitters. It was like fucking amature day out there.

since the weather has become really nice I am back to riding to work. Blew the 73's motor last week so I decided to take the dunstall into the city today and get an inspection for it during lunch. so I am hapily buzzing along in the NYC traffic when I come upon a guy on an R1 in my 'tween-lane. traffic is stopped totally and the dude is moving 10 mph between the cars. I am on a bike that is twice as wide as he is and I am moving twice as fast. I wouldn't have mindid it so much but I cut around a car on the other side and when I came back over to get back in my 'tween-lane he sped up and blocked me. Then when I got off the highway he tried to race me at the light. what a dufus.

but that isn't as bad as the pud thumper in the flip flops and not dot helmet on the 59th street bridge on his cheap chinese scooter moving, I shit you not, 5mph in stopped traffic. I come up on him and I was patient but the asshole refuses to get out of the way and even flips me off when I rev the bike to let him know I am there and want to pass(the dunstall is loud as fuck and has no horn). the guy in the car next to me gets is and holds back when traffic begins to creep so I could get in front of him to get around the ass hat.

not 300 yards further up is another guy on a cbr f2 that looked like an f2 sampler as every panel was a different color factory paint job. this guy is sitting on a running bike walking the fucking thing through the stopped traffic. and he won't move over either. I go to the sholder and get around him and I see him riding my lane wake - close.

Finally there is the douche on the new fat boy who tries to beat the yellow light and nearly runs down a NYPD traffic cop who was signaling for him to stop, only to get stock in the middle of the intersection because traffic is backed up. Stuck right in front of me. and he and the traffic cop are too busy arguing for this fat ass to get the fuck out of my way. thankfully I wasn't the only bike there and a guy on a zrx blocked the car traffic to let me an an enduro come across two lanes to get around this jerk.

I hate New York City.
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Hey Geet,

You bringing the Dunstall to Mid-O?

quote:Originally posted by Geeto67

riding it all the way there. you still gonna be our chase truck? I am not worried about my bike but my buddy's guzzi might end up on the trailer before the day is out.
Yep. Planning on heading out on Thursday (7/24) as early as I can get on the road (probably 10am). You guys coming to NJ to meet me and head out together or will we meet up on the road?

And I can always bring along the GS so if/when your buddy's Guzzi craps out, he can take over chase truck duty and I can ride...

quote:Originally posted by Geeto67
Anybody else gonna be there Thursday night?

I will be there thursday night if the bikes hold out on the ride.
You'll be there Thursday night even if we have to trailer queen the Guzzi.... Or the Dunstall. The trick will be getting back on Sunday. I'm planning on heading out with one open spot on the trailer but coming back there won't be an open spot. Oh well we'll figure it out. Part of the adventure.....

quote:Originally posted by Geeto67
is this a definite that you bought something or are you going with cash in hand and a lust in your heart that you are going to find something?

to be honest - if I get a too good to pass up offer on my bike I still might be riding shotgun with you anyway. Not that I am looking to sell but considering people are willing to pay stupid money for cafe racers right now....maybe.....
I always wander the swap meet and auction with lust in my heart. Usually I don't have enough cash in my hand (or pocket) to get into too much trouble. Last year Eugene offered me his GT500 racer at a price I couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, the bike was in Canada at the time. We were supposed to meet up during the year in-between sometime to complete the deal but logistics have been a bitch and it will be Ohio before I can get it. I had planned on bringing the GS1000 and either a T500, the CB500T, or maybe the T125 as a pit bike. Then again, trailer slot two might be another T500 race bike or a CB350 race bike..... Too many projects!

quote:Originally posted by Geeto67
why not bring the gs1000 as the pit bike and then have 'Gene bring the gt500 to ohio. That way you have your two bikes and no temptation to buy something else for the return trip.
But that will leave the third rail open and waiting for just one more project bike to follow me home! The horror!!! The horror!!!
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