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goin to summit

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i'll get pics for ya. sorry everyone missed it. i'll tell tex ya said hi.

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oh god. i dont manage details well you know. lets see. the weather was just awesome. upper 70's, low 80's, sunny, breezy and clear. i drank alot of water.

i ran 500 and 350. 500 was first. d'angelo brought the 350, but opted to run the 200 duc instead. i was gridded next to him on the grid. i had my strategy all worked out. when the flag flew i planned on splitting tex, who was gridded in front of me, and the other guy on that row, and passing him before 1, then letting him catch me. well, it almost worked. i pulled next to him on the start, i got a great start, went to bang 2nd, and hit neutral, and he left me. i did manage to leave steve in the dust though but he passed me going into 3 and the chase was on. i followed him for about a lap and made a few tries but he was too quick in the corners. he ran into 3 too hot and was way wide on the exit but i had planned on passing him on the outside side. i had to check up. from there it was a never ending chase/bungy event. i could catch him everywhere but the carousel. he could pull a few lengths on me there. after chasing and chasing, i gave up. that bike is really well sorted and he claims under 200lbs. so its quick. i chased him alot and was hoping to give him a good race, but just couldnt manage to reel him in from the time i was losing in the carousel. it was still great fun, i got 4th. it was a guy on a 500 something, then d'angelo, then tex, then me. there were a few crashes and dnf's. i could see tex ahead of steve but there was no way i was going to cath him.

i think in 350 gp i got something like 6th, maybe 7th. i cant remember. i was running with that guy who we chased on the r5 last year arron. i cant count how many times i passed him then hed bring that thing onto the pipe and i was just out there all alone, til id catch him in some corner. i still need to work on the carousel. still a disaster through there. ropers fastest lap on the 250 was 22secs faster than my fastest. nuts. i apparently was being chased but 2 or 3 other guys the entire time, which i didnt know. i finally just rationalized what i was doing and decided to hang back and let the r5 go. i knew hed pull it onto the pipe and beat me to the line anyway. i wasnt sure where i was as far as position. but as soon as i backed down a little bit, 2 guys got past me and i was pissed. i got tangled up with the r5, and never was able to catch the other 2 guys in my class. i was getting tired at about lap 6 and just decided to kick back, ride and have fun. on the last lap i decided to see how fast i could go through t10, the last one, i ran it into high 4th and made it no problem. the faster you go there, the better it seems. just from that i knocked 1 sec off, and turned the best lap of the day for me. so i still need alot of work there. my legs were killing me at the end of the day. my thighs right at my knees.

buckys motor did something undetermined. we ripped his caliper apart thursday night and cleaned it and the brake seemed to work ok. he was running a cool race, but pulled in saying it lost power. who knows.

chris ran that 400/4 again, it threw a rod. maybe in practice. he ran the 250, and it dropped a cyl, dnf'd. then rode ooches 250 duc. broke a rocker arm. it wasnt a pretty weekend for him. tom got 2nd in v2 on his 350. he was running good and look really smooth. he lost a number platee, and a 350gp guy hit it and went down. there was a fair amount of crashing. alot of bikes parked on the side. but overall, it was as usual, totally fun.

im tring to rally people to come down from the uscra to race the june event. i might have a party saturday night. we've been wanting to have a party, and that would be the perfect time to have mike in and fire up the grill adn chill. then the next day we can head to louden. think about ti. youre all invited if it happens. yes jeremy too. we'll have a blast.

the transponders are kinda cool. it seems to take all of the question out of scoring. really nice. i like them. pricey, but its money spent. its a pretty neat gig.

tex doesnt work at cosmo anymore. he got fired.

hows that??

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doug d wasnt here, niether was carlos. steve d was the only one from the uscra. my guess would be roper won the 250. but thats just a wild guess. you know how he can be kinda inconsistant. right..... apparently there was a guy with a trick 175. but i didnt know until today and he was already gone. they trophied through 3rd. so no tin for me. of course we missed you. chris came back the pits after our race, which we were all in, and announced that we all totally sucked at t10. funny. they ran 3 grids, but one wave. the 350gp race was totally insane. formula 500, 350gp, and vintage 2. the pack going into 1 was 4 wide. i was slowing down to keep from hitting people, and guys were passing me into the pack. pretty cool.

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