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Good aftermarket carb recomendation? 1981 CB900

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Hey everybody,

I picked up a freebee CB900C not too long ago and found that it was in better condition then I thought! The engine turns with no problem, spark seems good, and the rust isnt all that bad. And the electronics also work completely fine! Its like nothing went wrong! The only areas that really need work are the brakes and the carbs. Right now, I've slowly been rebuilding each carb on it and am getting pretty sick of all of the vacuum operation that this thing relies on. Down the road, I'd really like to upgrade to a more simple and higher performance set of carbs.

The bike is an '81 so it has the newer DOHC setup. Are there any decent aftermarket carbs that will go on this thing? And has anybody put a set of cone air filters on them? I'd like to do that too, I really like the look.

Any help is appreciated!
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Nice! I've heard those carbs are top of the line, but I didn't know you could put em on a 750 or a 900. The keihin website said they'll only fit the cb500's and the cb1100's. If a guy did it with a 750, maybe i could take the one thats meant for the 1100 and retrofit it to my 900? Not sure if it's possible but I would love to have those carbs.
Wow, that guys setup is pretty much my inspiration. I would love to put thise carbs on my bike. I just want know if the carbs in his picture are the ones I need, or will i need the next size up since this is a 900?
If I was going to swap carbs just for pod filters, it would seem like a total waste of money for me. I really want to swap carbs because I don't like working on the stock ones. The pod filters are a much more lower priority. I just like the way they look and how they make things easier to get my hands on.
Geeto67, thanks. I'll start looking around for some deals on those. I think a guy in our local bike group was selling the one you recomended for my bike. I'll have to check the facebook group again. That'd be sweet if he is.

Jaguar, I checked out, but for some reason the home page wasnt really working well, ill try again later.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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